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Xavier (year three and beyond)      Companions are invited to make a deep and ongoing commitment to practicing a faith that does justice. Participants are provided with the language and basic skills they need to go out and both communicate their commitments to others, and to engage in sustained leadership and advocacy on behalf of the justice and fidelity that their spiritual and ministry experiences have engendered.

Year 3 Formation: The Xavier Year – Contemplation in Action

As Xavier Companions, each person decides the level of commitment that he or she will make for the year. For some this will mean growing their service into work of advocacy; for others it will mean availing themselves of opportunities for pilgrimage, immersion experiences, retreat, social gatherings and evenings of theological discussion. There are many possibilities and opportunities for every Companion to remain engaged and committed to the Companions in Ignatian Service and Spirituality, as follows:

• Regular life of daily prayer and reflection
• Active involvement in leadership and service
• Advocacy
• Periods of retreat
• Monthly meetings with the Companions community

Optional programs may include:

  • 5 day retreat
  • Immersion Pilgrimages
  • Annual Banquet and Recognition Dinner
  • Participation on a CISS Subcommittee
  • Companion representative on the Advisory Board
  • “Walker” to companion with an Ignatian Year 1 Companion
  • Participation in CISS Forum