In Ignatius (year one), all participants in  Ignatian Companions participate in a 10-month formation program. The usual group consists of 10-12 persons, and their meetings run from August to June.

The program has two components:

The Service Component requires participants to have a consistent weekly community service commitment involving direct contact with people who are poor, marginalized, and socially vulnerable.

• The Spiritual Formation Component requires that participants have a strong desire to deepen their spiritual life and a willingness to explore Ignatian Spirituality.


Year 1 Formation: The Ignatian Year – Heart and Hands

• A 10 month program, from August hrough June
• Beginning and Ending, one-day retreats
• Weekly consistent service of 8 hours minimum, to the materially poor, the voiceless, and the powerless
• A program of daily prayer and meditation, 15 – 30 minutes, based on the spiritual discipline of St. Ignatius of Loyola, using a comprehensive, written Guide for the Journey
• Monthly program meetings with other members of their group, and co-facilitators, consisting of reflection on their prayer and its connection to their volunteer service experience, a Liturgy and lunch
• Individual monthly meetings with a spiritual director, focusing on where God is calling the volunteer in life



The Prayer of Generosity (St Ignatius’ Prayer)

Lord, teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labor and not to ask for reward,
save that of knowing that I do your will.