During the  Hurtado year,  participants use the same monthly meeting format, and their syllabus is based on texts that, while grounded in an Ignatian spiritual foundation, challenge the reader to grapple with the implications of discernment in a society where values and ethics have changed dramatically. Companions are encouraged to consider a particular and personal sense of vocation as an opportunity to live out one’s deepest desire for oneself in the context of a world with profound needs and shortcomings.

Year 2 Formation: The Hurtado Year – Study and Service

• A 10 month program, from September through June
• Weekly consistent service of 8 hours minimum, to the materially poor, the voiceless, and the powerless
• Daily meditation, 15 – 30 minutes
• Deepen spiritual reflection through the study of texts and readings that focus on the reality of social justice and our response to the cry of the poor
• Meet monthly for Faith Sharing
• Beginning and Ending, one-day retreats (optional)
• Meet monthly with a Spiritual Director (optional)



Hurtado Picture

The Hurtado Prayer

O God, in You I feel a hope this is almost boundless.

In You, I let my worries disappear, letting them go completely in Your hands for I belong to You.

It is You who takes care of me, You who allows my soul to be tranquil and serene.

Even in the face of evil, I pray “Thy kingdom come,” and I allow everything to give way to calmness in You, the rock against which all waves break in vain.

You, the perfect radiance marred by no shadow,  You, the all-conquering victor who dwells within me.

I reach out to You fully as the highest aim of my love.

My whole soul is within You.

And then, sweetly and surely, it is as if all life’s trials,  all the insecurities and uncertainties leave me completely for I am bathed in light.

You fill me with Your strength, and You love me.